Jan 26, 2012

New Home

We are so excited to be able to say that we have moved to not only a new beautiful blog but our own domain name.  Please check us out and update your bookmarks.

Jan 15, 2012

February Contest Winner

A 'HUGE' congrats to our February cover contest winner Karina Lange of Amadeus Studios!
I also want to send out a big thank you to everyone else who entered this month and a huge thank you to our other top 5 finalists Michelle Moore, Esther Mathieu Photography, Joanne Spencer Photography and Sandra Bludau Photography.  And of course a big thank you to everyone who voted!! 

Jan 9, 2012

Feb Cover Contest

Due to issues with Facebook we will continue voting on our blog only, to be fair to everyone.  I have taken screen shots of all the images on fb and the number of likes each photo has at the moment (1pm EST) will be the number I will count from fb as votes.   I will put this number next to the image.  Please comment below with the photo number or name of the photographer you would like to vote for.  Only one vote per person! We will be checking IP number to make sure.  Sorry for the confusion I am just trying to be fair to everyone while we work out this issue.

Final count.
One - 49
Two - 317
Three - 286
Four - 130
Five - 136

(one) Joanne Spencer Photography  (42 likes from fb)

(two) Karina Lange | Amadeus Studios  (216 likes from fb)

(three)  Michelle Moore (185 likes from fb)

(4) Esther Mathieu Photography (121 likes from fb)

(five) Sandra Bludau Photography (104 likes from fb)