Cover Contest

         Please read below before submitting an image.  All images that are sent in with the wrong specifications will be disregarded. 

How it works.
        Images may be submitted to from the 1st of the month to midnight on the 7th.  Please put L&L cover contest in the subject line.
        Our judges will then pick five finalists who will be posted to our facebook page on the 8th.
        Finalists will be picked based on images that would work as a magazine cover... for example has room for articles to be placed and a title. They are also picked based on lighting, focus and composition.
        To be fair Gina nor Lexi will pick the top 5.  We will bring someone in each month to pick the finalist. 

        Then the finalists who has the most likes by the 15th at noon EST will be the winner.
        The winner will also get a little article in the magazine about themselves and their business. 

        Only one entry per person.
        Image must be clean with no watermark.
        Image must be sized to (8.5x11 inches) at 100dpi.       
        Please send in your business name as well as your website with your submission.
        If the issue is specific to a certain niche only images of that niche will be accepted.
        Our March issue will be our newborn issue so only newborn images or newborn related images will be accepted.

        If you have any questions please comment below so if others have the same question they can see it answered as well.


  1. Hello

    Upon trying to submit an entry for the cover contest my mail keeps getting returned undelivered with a message of
    "technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain"
    Is there another email address I can email my entry to as I cannot email the one listed above . Many thanks!

  2. My e-mail was down yesterday due to overload. it is working now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. So for the March issue you would submit in on Feb 1st, correct?

  4. yes, all march issue submissions will be accepted from the 1st to the 7th of February.

  5. It says on the FB page that the winning cover contest photo is already chosen for March. Is this correct? What is the theme for April?

  6. Oops never mind, I see the theme is babies so the winning photo must have been for February (typo).