Nov 29, 2011

our secret and tuesday's theme

       So I have been 'dying' to share our little secret with everyone, as I am sure a bunch of you have been dying to know.  Yes the multiple e-mails of photogs 'begging' to know kinda gave that one away.  But I wanted to make sure everything was set in stone before I announced the big news.
       As I am sure some of you have noticed, it's been a little slow around L&L recently.   Gigi and I have both been a little overwhelmed/busy with our own businesses the last month, or so, and have had little extra time to put into other things.  In an attempt to make L&L a little more unique and less stressful on us, Gigi and I have decided to do a little changing around here.  Yes, L&L will be getting a makeover.  Keeping up with our L&L blog has been hard for us and when the busy season comes again we don't want to drop L&L because of lack of time.  So our solution is simple.  Turn L&L into a monthly on-line magazine! Yep, you heard right.  L&L will now be a 'free' monthly photographers magazine filled with everything and anything a photographer can dream of.  And as for our little contest we are having.....yep you guessed right.  The winning picture will get to be the cover of our first ever magazine due to be released on January 1st!!  How exciting is that!! And don't worry if you forgot to enter, we will have a contest each month for the cover image!  Gigi and I still want to make L&L all about you guys so we would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see in the magazine.  Please leave comments below for ideas or comments on our facebook wall!!
      Now for our Tuesday's theme.  This will change a little bit as well so please read on if you would still like to participate in our bi-weekly theme.  A new theme will still be announced every other Tuesday on our blog.  Only images taken after the theme is announced may be submitted.  Remember the point of the Tuesday theme is to go out and be creative.  You can only grow as a photographer if you push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Each photographer who wants to submit a picture must post it on our facebook wall themselves.  Images no longer have to be e-mailed in and if you do e-mail them in you will be told to go back and post it yourself.  Then each month, for each theme held,  Gigi and I will pick, what we think, represents the theme the most from the images posted on our facebook wall and feature them in the magazine.  We 'LOVE' images that show creativity and that step out of the box.  Remember a human does not have to be in ever picture!   So....before I forget to post it,  our theme for the next two weeks is 'sparkle'.  I'll give you a little hint.  Think glitter, bokeh, holiday lights!  It's the holidays, I am sure we all surrounded by lots of shinny things.   And because I know some of you will ask, there is no other limit on the image.  It can be horizontal or vertical or any size/shape you want it to be.
      Again thank you guys so much for being so supportive of L&L.  We still have other big things coming up, like another L&L meeting, but we couldn't do all of this with out the support and help of all of you!!!  p.s. the 5 finalist will be announced today!!

Nov 21, 2011

Winter Contest

I am so excited to share with all of you our big surprise/change that is coming to L&L this winter, but first I have a little contest for you.    The contest involves the surprise and the winner's image will be featured in a very special way!  Below you can find all the information you need for the contest. 
Good luck and have fun!!

The rules.
Each photographer is allowed to enter one image.
Images must be sent to
Entries must be portrait oriented.
You may place a watermark on your entry but if you images wins a clean images must be available to us.
The contest starts Tuesday, November 22nd. 
You will have till Monday, November 28th to send an image in.  
Our panel of judges will then review all entries and post the top 5 on fb by Thursday, December 1st.
Judges include, Lexi Vornberg, Gina Weathersby and Renee from Ribbons of Red.
On December 1st we will also announce what our surprise is and what the image will be used for.
From December 1st till December 15th you can vote, by liking, one of the 5 images on fb.
The image with the most likes at 12 noon on December 15th wins.
If you have any questions please contact lexi at