Nov 21, 2011

Winter Contest

I am so excited to share with all of you our big surprise/change that is coming to L&L this winter, but first I have a little contest for you.    The contest involves the surprise and the winner's image will be featured in a very special way!  Below you can find all the information you need for the contest. 
Good luck and have fun!!

The rules.
Each photographer is allowed to enter one image.
Images must be sent to
Entries must be portrait oriented.
You may place a watermark on your entry but if you images wins a clean images must be available to us.
The contest starts Tuesday, November 22nd. 
You will have till Monday, November 28th to send an image in.  
Our panel of judges will then review all entries and post the top 5 on fb by Thursday, December 1st.
Judges include, Lexi Vornberg, Gina Weathersby and Renee from Ribbons of Red.
On December 1st we will also announce what our surprise is and what the image will be used for.
From December 1st till December 15th you can vote, by liking, one of the 5 images on fb.
The image with the most likes at 12 noon on December 15th wins.
If you have any questions please contact lexi at

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