Dec 27, 2011

tuesday's theme {happy}

For our last Tuesday Theme of 2011 I think we should all take a picture of something that makes us happy.  But remember to step out of the box a little.  We all love our husbands and children but beside that; what makes you happy?? For me, owls make me happy so I took a picture of a little owl I got over the holidays.  Remember Tues Themes should be taken between now and January 10th.  The point of it is to go out and be creative after the theme is given and not to go through archives and find an already taken image that matches the theme ;) 

Dec 15, 2011

january contest winner

      A big congrats to Casey Rose as our first cover contest winner for our January magazine!!  And a big thank you to everyone who entered!! We had over 50 wonderful submissions and it was 'so' hard narrowing it down to 5 amazing finalists!!  And lastly a big thank you to everyone who voted!!
      Details for entering the February contest will be included in the magazine and posted about on January 1st!!  

Dec 13, 2011

tuesday's theme {baked}

            It's the holidays, so I know at some point everyone will be gathering around in their kitchen with friends and family baking up some holiday goodies.   Therefore, in honor of the season...gingerbread men, cookies, candy cane reindeer...our Tuesday's theme will be 'baked'.
come on! get your baking on!


            Speaking of food...keep an eye out for a new blog, 513 {eats}, coming out January 1st created by our very own Gigi about food, foodies and photography.