Sep 7, 2011

Questions & Answers {Featured Photographer}

if you're new to this feature...this is where we introduce inspirational photographers and instead of us asking all the questions, we open the floor up and get all of YOUR questions. that's right...YOUR questions. the one's you've always wanted to ask, maybe afraid to ask. here is your chance to get some answers from amazing photographers who are willing to share and inspire.

so...who is our featured q&a photographer this time? 
it's the wonderfully talented michelle morris.
michelle morris photography

{While I love (*really, love*) being a photographer, I will always relish in my identity as a wife and mother first and foremost to a wonderful, honest, and real family.  My life is so full - and is only getting busier each passing day.  Between loving my husband and empowering and encouraging my
three young boys to become solid, confident, strong men, I'm also a full time photographer.  I'm absolutely in love with light, laughter and movement.  I believe photographs multiply in substance and power over time and I'm daily encouraged at how a simple photograph can bless and speak to
the soul of another.  I'm a firm believer in the simple, and capturing the simple moments is where I'm most content.}

we were especially drown to michelle's work because of her magical use of light.
one look at her imagery and you'll know why. here are a few that we just love...

for the rest of this week you have a chance to ask michelle about her images, her approach, who inspires her, how she looks for light...anything. just post your questions in the comments section on our blog, on our facebook wall or if you're a little on the shy side, you may also email your questions directly to michelle at

we can't wait to see your questions, michelle's responses and more of her gorgeous light filled imagery on next week's blogpost!
gigi and lexi


  1. Breathtaking! I love the b&w and the last shot. They all are amazing!

  2. I would love to know some processing tips. And her go-to equipment. I love to shoot wide open, and that seems to be her style too.

  3. i would love to know more about her post processing, maybe some 'before & afters'? beautiful work!

  4. Michelle is awesome inside and out. Her beauty shines in her work and in her actions. I love the photos she takes.