Oct 3, 2011

Questions & Answers {Featured Photographer}

Happy Monday!
It's time for another in our series of featured photographers where you ask the questions.
Up this time...maybe you've heard of her? Michelle Moore. Yes, I thought so...we're beyond excited!

Welcome Michelle Moore!

"Michelle Moore is fashion editorial and high school senior portrait photographer working in both Seattle and Los Angeles.  She had the pleasure of shooting her first Magazine Cover last October with 90210 star Jessica Lowndes. Michelle loves helping high school seniors see their inner and outer beauty with her boutique-like portrait experience, and bringing awareness to healthy body image through her fashion and celebrity editorial work.  Learn more about Michelle and her photography at www.michellemoore.com "

When I asked Michelle what topic she'd like to cover, this is what she sent back:

Topics can be:
Working with natural lighting
How to find your style, or specialize in a market (i.e. finding your niche)
How I got started, any of my background, etc.
How to set up a fashion shoot - how to get started in that
Submitting to magazines, how I got my gig with Jessica Lowndes, working with celebrities, etc.
Why what I do is so important to me
What gear I shoot with, etc.

SO excited!!

So...there you have it. Not one, but 7 topics to ask about from today through this week!
Ways to ask your question? You can post in the comments section here on our blog, you can post on our lemonade and lenses facebook page, or you can email your questions directly to michelle at
Look for all the answers on our blog next week.
And...here is some eye candy to get you going!

Let's get started!


  1. I would love to know how Michelle converts her shoots to sales. I love photographing teenagers here in the UK but without the same demand for shoots here (we don't have yearbooks) I find it hard to sell any products afterwards. The teens just seem happy with one picture to use on facebook. Does Michelle market to parents instead? Thats an idea I've been toying with but don't want to alienate the teens. It's them that I want talking about me and recommending me to their friends afterall.

  2. I would love to know how you get a senior comfortable with going towards a stylized shoot instead of capturing them in their own element? (their own sense of style)

  3. Would love to know how she started working the celebrities and about submitting to magazines!

  4. How DO you find magazines that will feature your work? Is it possible to find them and build relationships without needing to physically be in the same place/at the same events?

  5. Facebook is always heard as the best marketing tool, but what do you feel is the best way to get your name out when you are starting out? Yearbook space? School fundraising ads? Do you put your work out to churches? Any and all
    Is greatly appreciated. I'm just starting out trying to get my work out there and I don't want to compromise my pricing to get clients but I want to learn how to get the right clients

  6. Ways to get the everyday senior to feel like a model and pose like one. :)

  7. I would love to know about how Michelle learned professional fashion posing techniques, and also what to do when (even when advised otherwise) a teenager only brings outfits that are very unflattering for their body type and how to avoid this.

  8. I'm dying to know how Michelle built up her client base and how to start getting work featured in magazines or getting magazine work? My hardest obstacle to overcome has been finding the clients.

  9. I have just started shooting seniors. I found a rep I could work with. But how do you get them to keep coming? I prefer to shoot seniors over weddings and I wanna continue to do so. So how do you market to seniors?

  10. How do you approach posing non-models?

  11. I always have trouble getting my seniors to pose without making them feel self-conscious. Sometimes they just don't understand the idea I'm trying to convey and end up looking awkward, so I have to give more specific instruction, which only makes them feel more awkward! LOL. Any tips for people like me? Does Michelle bring photos or imitate the poses herself, etc?

  12. Might be a funny question, but I'm always wondering how to keep both parents and seniors comfortable with the logistical aspects of the shoot.

    Specifically, how do you handle transportation logistics? Do seniors come to your studio for their makeup and then drive separately to the location? Do you go back to the studio when the shoot is done? Thanks!

  13. How did you get started? A few shoots here and there that's what you said, but what next? I am at this point right now - I shot weddings, babies, families, couples and can't decide what to focus on and what to do next. What area to target and how to get the word out? Thanks!

  14. Also - posing. Where do you get the poses from? What do you tell the girls to do? Exact directions? What if they are not comfortable? What if you are out of poses?

  15. What is Michelle's focusing method? Back button? Centre point recompose? Toggle focal points around? If recomposing, is she doing that wide open? Doesn't that shift the focal plane too much wide open? Thanks

  16. How did you transition from doing 'everything' photography to just seniors? How do you say no? Haha.

  17. I would love to know if and how she stays busy all year with seniors? It seems here to be busy a few months leading up to graduation and then nothing until the next year. How do you keep them coming all year long?

  18. I would love to know Michelle's thoughts on running a business in a place where everyone seems satisfied with regular yearbook pictures for their senior picture.

    What can I do to impress, and make them want the natural light, reflective of them style?

  19. I'm interested in Michelle's ideas on how to market and attract clients in an area where people seem to be satisfied with a regular yearbook picture for their senior picture. How does she attract clients to something new and different?

  20. Lots of questions narrowed down....Does MIchelle shoot RAW? How long generally does it take her to post process photos? Did she always shoot with the 1Ds mark II and does she find any focusing issues as complained about with the non-professional canon series? Thanks!

  21. Cristie Williams PhotographyOctober 15, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    How many sessions do you book per day? I love your lighting! Do you typically shoot in the morning or afternoon? And, when school is out what do you do to keep the business running?
    Thank you so much for doing this! You are such an inspiration!

  22. How do you go about finding your style without just copying what you see? How do you know it is really your style? How do you go about defining your style?