Aug 8, 2011

our first gathering

i was so hoping to have this post up right after our gathering, but...better a little tiny bit late than never.

let me start out by saying thank you to lexi, again, for coming up with the idea of
'just getting some photographers together for a fun evening.'
who would have thought all this from that?
but, as we know, most wonderful things start with a quiet, little thought.

next, lexi and i both want to thank everyone who came out, joined in, shared, laughed, chased spiders, sat side by side and even got up for the photo booth (yes, i already wrote that on our fb wall, but i still mean it and it makes me smile;)
lemonade and lenses would not be possible without each and every one of you coming together as a community. thank you for bringing your smiles, friendship, knowledge and most especially, your sweet selves. an extra hug to those of you who drove in from far, far away...
all we can say is WOW!

i'm going to post a few shots even though many of you did a fabulous job of that already. if you'd like to see what i'm talking about, you can go hereherehere, here and here.  (if i have missed anyone, PLEASE let me know!)
thank you all for capturing the evening so beautifully! an extra special thank you to renee of ribbons of red for the cutest little burlap bags filled with goodness and the even sweeter little buttons! and, did all of you notice how beautiful the floral centerpieces were?
that was all angel of angel pope photography...who says you don't have a green thumb? xo.
i didn't have a lot of time to pick my camera up (and lexi's was in the shop) but when i did, this is what i saw...

 and now for photo booth fun!

 next time...


  1. good times. good people. good talent. unforgettable.

  2. great photos gina! looking at the images and reading the post brings me back to that evening :-)

    everyone have a great week!

  3. Wow, great captures! Looks like you guys had fun, I'm jealous!