Aug 16, 2011

tuesday's theme {selfie}

oh yes, you read it right and oh yes, it!

but first, lexi and i want to thank everyone who shared their lovely images for the {love} theme. from little girls and puppy dogs to lovely entwined vines on a tree. it's all about the interpretations. it's part of the magic of each and every one of us and what makes this project sing.

now, on to the next theme...push yourself, use your imagination, step way out, be daring, be soulful, be sassy, be sweet, be someone else if you like...just come and play and make a self portrait.
need some inspiration? remember this post from a couple weeks ago? a starting point if you're already wondering where to begin. 16 great images for inspiration.
need more? this is the perfect time to introduce alex beadon of alex beadon photography as you will see her shortly as a guest on our blog. her guessed, self portraits. she is in the process of her own 30 day self portrait project now. you can see her beautiful, expressive, artistic work here.

a quick note: we've had a few inquires asking if the images should be new or can they be pulled from past work. yes, the images should be new, shot after the theme is posted as this is an exercise in growing and pushing yourself to make new art around your vision only. if you happen to find that image on a session, fine. if you need to go out on your own to create it, great. just make it a new one.

ok. i'll go first. the light was beautiful late this afternoon, so i thought i'd twirl in a dress i picked up from the flea market and maybe even dream a little in that beautiful light....

tripod, remote, 5 minutes shooting, 5 minutes processing.
now it's your turn...

gigi and lexi

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  1. Wow I LOVE this self portrait - it is so beautiful! Gorgeous lighting and concept - editing. Love it all. Thanks for the shout out as well :)