Aug 2, 2011

tuesday's theme {stripes}

yay! here' are the images for tuesdays first theme project!
thank you to everyone who played along and hopefully this will inspire others to jump in too!
we love lots and lots of company!


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (heather), 6, 7, 8

a little note...and some changes

as much as i love putting boards together...i can foresee this being a bigger and bigger task as more and more peeps join in.
so, i'm going to change the way images are submitted and showed that i think will be easier all the way around. i hope this is alright with everyone!

i want to create an album on the l&l facebook page for each themed week and have all the images in there, in one place and easy to check out.
in order to do that i would love to ask all of you to do this... (pretty please):

• email your images to me (gina) at NO LATER than the second sunday following the announcement of the new theme. be sure to add my email to your contact list too;)

• the images need to be submitted in the following format - .jpg format, 72dpi, the longest side no larger than 720 px wide.

• i will post the images in the themed album as soon as i can upon i receiving them. absolutely tag yourselves when you see them!

• please feel free to watermark your images...but, try to watermark them in such a way that it doesn't hide the image;)

•please please feel free and i actually encourage everyone to leave your comments on each others images. i know we are all sooo busy, but if an image really speaks to you, let that artist know!

the last thing i'd like to say is that this is meant for fun, stretching and growing no matter where on your own personal journey you happen to be. your interpretation,  your vision and your art.

ok...the new tuesday theme is {love}


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  1. I completely forgot about this, but i'm going to make sure I do the next one. :)