Jul 22, 2011

happy friday

wow. i'm sitting here thinking about how lexi's tiny teeny little statement/idea of, "wouldn't it be cool if we could get a bunch of photographers together for a little get together. you know...meet each other, have fun, talk, share..." has turned into just that (our first gathering is just 6 days away!), then a fb page and now a blog with an agenda full of goodness to share and inspire us all.
well, the truth is, it's that simple. that's how thoughts come into being. it starts with the seed of an idea and then, if watered, grows.
we are beyond delighted that so many of you are joining in and playing with us at lemonade and lenses.
we hope that you loved, learned and were inspired by what was shared with all of you this week.
it's only the beginning, we have so much more to come.

so, for our very brand new first week we want to say...

we will spend the weekends with our families and we hope that you will do the same.
happy weekend!
lexi and gigi

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