Jul 19, 2011

our first theme inspired project {tuesday's theme}

it's no secret, i love projects...they are so important for so many reasons, one being...to grow creatively.
as photographers and artists, we know all too well how automated we can get only shooting for our 'jobs.' i have a personal rule that goes something like this: shoot three for my client, shoot one for me. i will always give my clients what they want and then hopefully suprise them with what they never knew they wanted. how do you do that? by experimenting and pushing yourself...way beyond the lines.
one place to play and practice this is with creative outings and projects.

lexi and i have been working on a fun project together since the start of the year...a mother and daughter collaboration called gigi & lexi. you can check it out here. we've each taken turns picking one word or one theme and then interpreted it photographically (of course.) at the end of the week, we put the two images together on a diptych. it's been crazy amazing how different our images have been sometimes! but that's it...they're our own visual interpretations and that what makes it (and us) unique. we really try hard to push passed the expected. that's the point...to push ourselves.
and it's funny how it can manifest later...that new idea or 'push' remains in our minds and can come out...during a session, or better yet, just lead you to a thought or another idea that you otherwise may never have come up with. growing!

so, now...we'd love to invite you too! for lemonade and lenses, we thought we would do basically the same except instead of there just being two people, there would be as many who want to participate. on every other tuesday, now called 'tuesday's theme' there will be a word/theme posted here and on our facebook page. we will create an album on facebook for each word and after you post your image on our facebook page we will move it to that album. for the sake of giving us all enough time within our busy lives, this will be a bi-monthly project. we would love to create one big storyboard with everyone's images at the end of each 2 week period ~ which will run from tuesday to the second following friday. then, a new word the following tuesday.

a few guidelines:
please choose your one, single favorite image to send over per theme.
the images for this project will all be vertical in orientation...make it work!
post your low res (already sharpened for web) images sized right around 369x555 pixels to our facebook page.  as they will be placed in a storyboard like the one below.
of course, feel free to put your logo on your images and add any description you'd like to show on facebook in your post
if you have any questions feel free to ask on our facebook page or e-mail gigi at gina@kiwistreetstudios.com

let us know if you have any questions and we can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

let's start off with a fun and pretty easy theme

{all images by kiwi street studios}


  1. Sounds fun! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. love it! I always try to do the project 365 thing but never find the time to stay with it all year.. this seems like an awesome solution!!! bi-monthly I can handle! Thanks you gals rock already! ps. gigi... I prefer lowercase too! lol

  3. Awesome. I have been in need of a small scale project after finishing up my 30 day photo challenge. Can't wait to start and see what everyone comes up with!

  4. yes rachael, we thought with everyone being so busy, we would try and keep it non stressful so all would have the time to do it! i cant wait to put all the images together in a storyboard;)
    ha..hear my voice;);) go for lower case!!!